New Polyethylene (LDPE) Products

Round vinyl plastic caps Square vinyl plastic caps Pull tab vinyl plastic caps

Tapered Poly Caps & Plugs

Straight Poly Caps

Flanged Poly Caps

Round vinyl plastic caps Round vinyl plastic caps Pull tab vinyl plastic caps

Poly Center Pull Plugs

Poly Finishing Plugs

Poly Tube Plugs

MOCAP has recently tooled and is producing a new range of polyethylene caps and plugs. Moulded in LDPE, the product range of caps and plugs includes Tapers, Center Pull Tapers, Flanged and Un-Flanged Non-Threaded Caps, Finishing Plugs and Poly Tube Plugs. This series of injection moulded parts will continue to increase as additional tooling is introduced both now and in the future. With our new, wholly owned and operated, state of the art manufacturing facility in China, complete with an in-house tooling shop, MOCAP can offer FREE or low cost tooling for your custom applications. Contact our Sales Department for more help, information and samples.